About The New Black Student Movement (NBSM) A GDN Exclusive


Peter Grear

The New Black Student Movement (NBSM) evolved from a Greater Diversity News (GDN) initiative created to educate, organize, and mobilize student voting. The strategy was to develop as an organizational strategy and not to be an organization. The project created an organizing blueprint tailored for Historically Black Colleges and Universities students and Black Student Unions (BSUs) students in Predominantly White Institutions and Minority Serving Institutions. The intent is to help students understand the objectives of the former Civil Rights Era and continue to pursue remedies to those objectives.

The North Carolina Central University National Alumni Association was the first alumni association to adopt this strategy and created the first Civic Engagement and Advocacy Committee (CEAC) to promote student engagement. In addition, their leaders encouraged The Fayetteville State University (FSU) alumni association to replicate the CEAC process. FSU agreed and is implementing its CEAC.

One of the primary objectives of the CEACs was to institutionalize civic/voter engagement as early as possible in the students’ college careers.

The main assets used in developing The NBSM are GDN eNews and The NBSM think tank. This Black Consciousness think tank was designed for student priorities and initiatives, enabling all students can share their ideas and comments. Think tank participants can also schedule conference calls to enhance their ability to exchange ideas and strategies. One such idea encourages students to volunteer 8, 16, 24 hours or more per election cycle for voter mobilization and to volunteer their hours through the NAACP or other non-partisan voter participation organizations.

Voting rights protection and pursuing economic equity are equally important and demand the same attention. GDN has a growing coalition of volunteers and mentors that help with planning and writing that support student activities.

The other project to support student engagement is “It’s a Family Affair: NAACP Membership.” The NAACP Youth and College Division (YCD) is the best student-focused organization in America that teaches young people leadership, scholarship, and citizenship skills. It’s a Family Affair is a well-received initiative that promotes families’ support of their students and themselves joining and supporting the NAACP.

The NBSM’s outreach is too high school and college students, both HBCU and BSUs, and their parents and mentors. The outreach is also to Black civic leadership organizations and corporations that support diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).

Supporters, volunteers, and others are encouraged to sign up for GDN’s free eNews @ greaterdiversity.com and the student “Think Tank”.

About the author: GDN Online Editor